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We’re all stressed out - feeling overwhelmed, like life is carrying us away.  There are so many external pressures either from society, or our relationships and the responsibility of caring for others - old and young.  The good news is that it all lies within you.  If you wish to create inner peace and come home to yourself - you’ve found the right place.  This is a place to get real.  This is a place to be the change you wish to see.

(All sessions are virtual, if you are in the LA area and would like to meet in person, please book a clarity call at the bottom of the page).


1:1 Breathwork Session

  • Get the 1:1 attention you need
  • Work on yourself for you
  • Renew your connection to yourself. When you connect with yourself, you can connect more to others
  • Set intentions to repattern your old ways
  • Give yourself permission to be your fullest self and surrender
  • We create an individual container that is safe and hold space for you as your empathetic witness
  • Integrate your experience into the 3D world
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
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1:2 Couples Session

  • The best gift we can give to each other is to work on ourselves
  • Give yourself permission to be your full self with your partner
  • Renew and strengthen your connection in your relationship
  • Plan a fun date night for you and your partner
  • We can work with your Inner Child, Core Wounds, and Shadows
  • Option to have a facilitated conversation with Non-Violent Communication so that you are both heard
  • We will create a container for you and your partner to connect and bear witness to each others' expansion
  • Also available to a parent and adult child who may want to connect or heal
  • Duration: 1.5 hours 
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Group Session

  • The most powerful healing can come from sitting with the collective
  • Expression in a group often inspires others to express
  • Give yourself permission to get into your body and out of your head
  • Integration with the group allows you to be heard in a safe container and see that your voice matters 
  • Let the community help you heal
  • Renew your connection with humanity
  • Duration: 1 hour
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Reset Session

  • Intended as an introductory session or if you're short on time
  • Regulate your nervous system
  • Duration: 1 hour
Individual Reset Session
"The experience was amazing. I had a great breakthrough and Franceil is a phenomenal guide. I highly recommend trying somatic breathwork with Franceil."
-Jenn, Healing Artist
"Franceil was very informative and confident. I felt relaxed and calmer after the session. I felt an altered state of consciousness I've never experienced before. Can't wait for the next one!"
-Clifford, Engineer & Father of 2
 "Had the amazing opportunity to have a breathwork session with Franceil. With her guidance I felt  absolutely at peace afterwards, full of connectedness for the beauty that surrounds me, and most of all gained some mental clarity through all the clouds I've had to sift through lately. Lucky to have the amazing individual as part of my life and be a part of each other's journey."
-Christine, Clinical Dietician and Mom of 2
"I took Franceil’s breathing workshops after some especially stressful days of teaching. She is a talented and skilled facilitator and I was able to focus on the breathing techniques. She created a warm and welcoming environment and I could feel tension and stress leave my body. After the workshop, I felt refreshed, calm and centered. Franceil’s workshops are truly amazing."
-Jennifer, Special Education Teacher and Mother
"Franceil held a very special session for me. I felt safe to go into my own process deeper and it was amazing!"
-Hanna, Life Coach


 "Franceil was an amazing practitioner. I didn’t want to leave our session. The feeling of tranquility was addictive."
-Bree, College Advisor and Mother
"Love the experience- it's great how you can release all of our negative emotions and feel calm again. Franceil will guide you and with the appropriate attention to take you through each process of the session."
-Ara, Project Manager and Mother
"Breathwork has been an incredibly grounding practice that helps release stress and anxiety. Teaching is a wonderful practice with many joyous moments but its also extremely overwhelming. Franceil’s empathy and passion has been beyond moving, she truly is creating a safe space for productive healing and introspection." 
-Liza, Teacher
"We booked a couples breathwork with Franceil hoping to deepen our connection. We've both done breathwork before separately and in groups, but having a couples session geared towards a common goal was such a beautiful and unique experience. We highly recommend this breathwork experience for all couples at any stage in their relationship looking to strenghten their bond with each other!"
-Angela & Joseph, Couple


 "Incredible experience, far exceeded expectations! Franceil's natural warmth, care and consideration made for a very smooth and relaxed session, even through the most wonderfully intense moments. I felt totally comfortable and supported through something that is hard to put into words. I'm looking forward to further sessions to delve deeper and learn to articulate the experience and my place within it."
-Marshall, Director of Operations
"Breathwork is such a gift to the healing process and Franceil is an exceptional guide. She really knows this work and all the benefits it provides. I felt completely supported throughout the whole session and it made me feel safe enough to feel my full experience while breathing, even over Zoom. I loved hearing everyone's breakthroughs at the end of the group session and it's clear that this work is as magical as it is important. Can't wait for the next one!"
-Killian, Writer and Mother
"Today, we are constantly bombarded by thousands of advertisements, offers, emails, text messages, memos, reminders and notifications. We rarely give rest to our minds and often choose scrolling and streaming instead. Breathwork with Franceil encouraged me to escape all of that for just one moment to let it all go and to just pause and breathe."
-Adrian, Teacher
"In my first session with Franceil, I felt like my breath deepened and more energy was flowing through my lungs. I have allergic asthma. I also felt areas of tension in my body like my forehead, jaw, and neck are release. I look forward to more sessions with unBecome Breathwork."
-Marjan, Physical Therapist

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