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Franceil, Co-Founder + Certified Practitioner

As a little child with big dreams I explored art with full expression, delved into books like candy and gravitated toward building things. Unfortunately, I had a tumultuous childhood filled with trauma.

Moving homes many times, I found myself with attachment issues.  After receiving my English degree from the University of Southern California, I wanted to dedicate my life to children by becoming a teacher. 

I experienced deep loss and grief with the passing of my great-grandmother.  I developed patterns of self-destruction, grappled with an eating disorder and anxiety, and I spent 25 years in talk therapy. 

In the last 10 years I focused on re-patterning my whole life from my relationships with my family members, to my teaching job, to my inner child. I committed to becoming a better human, a better parent, and member of my community.

I went through a major transformation, shifted my mindset, rebirthed myself, connected with Source, married my person, and discovered my Human Design as a Projector.  I am so excited to share this powerful medicine with those who are ready for deep change.

Erin, Co-Founder + Transformation Coach 

It’s been a long road full of winding paths, but I am here now and so glad you are too!

Things started out rough when my parents went through a separation and divorce throughout my adolescent and teen years.  I struggled with anger issues, anxiety and depression in High School, and I tried various mental health treatments.  None of them worked for me until I was sent to a primitive wilderness survival school for 6 weeks.  This vision quest changed my entire perspective on life.

I would go on to Southern Illinois University where I was grateful to learn Non Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg.  This reshaped my view of the world and how to interact with others through the concept of unconditional compassion and a framework to communicate with myself and others with love. 

Upon graduation, I had very idealistic goals and wanted to work for an organization that was helping others.  Instead, I took a job in the corporate world where I would remain climbing the ladder for many years ending as a director in real estate development. 

It was when I became a mother and lost my mother at the same time, that made me realize how precious life is. I had a spiritual awakening and started to align with my truth.  In the last year, I left my corporate job, became a full time mother, and launched unBECOME.  I am living a life I never thought possible of growth and learning and I look forward to supporting you on your journey too. 


We are constantly evolving and now more than ever.  This is a great time to be alive.

The world has become a place of global consumerism where we have been educated to work, make money and buy things for a brief moment of vacation.  Then we go back to doing it all over again.  Meanwhile we are making a small group of people very wealthy while a large majority struggle to cover basic needs and do what they truly want in life.  In the U.S. especially, people have been told to believe in individualism which has resulted in a separation and breakdown of community and connection.  It is possible to change this and we’re here to give people the opportunity to clear out the stressors and gain the clarity to do what they truly desire.


Let's use our agency, come together,  and create the New Earth we all dream of.

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